Prevention Research Institute is committed to reducing problems related to high-risk alcohol and drug choices.

...because we do things differently.

Create Curiosity image, man hiking

Create curiosity.

We open with conversations about what's important in life and how our choices might protect those values or put them in harm's way. Prime programs prompt questions like "Could it happen to me?"...

Change Discussion image, people talking

Change the discussion.

Like heart disease, addiction is a lifestyle-related health problem impacted by our biology and the choices we make. Prime programs clarify what each of us can and cannot change.

Define Risk image, woman climbing

Define risk.

Research shows us what's high-risk and low-risk for most people. Prime programs define these guidelines and explore how to adjust and apply them to our own alcohol and drug choices. 

Get Personal Image, woman taking notes

Get personal.

Focusing on our values and research provided in Prime programs, we each get to assess where past choices have placed us and where we want our future choices to take us. It's hard, and it's worth it.

Strengthen Skills, man doing pushups

Strengthen skills.

Encouraged to envision options and positive change, we can start to move forward. Prime programs equip us with an actionable plan and the skills to protect what matters most.

Our Programs

Prevention-focused for all audiences and ages.

Universal, selective, and indicated prevention & pre-treatment ideal for audiences with increased risk.



Treatment program for indicated audiences.


Prime for Life and Prime Solutions instructors and staff are excellent in helping you in your journey to be the best you can be in all your endeavors. The best at being open, understanding, warm-hearted, honest, friendly, caring, giving, always listening to you and helping you along your paths of life.

instructor Prime For Life® Instructor

The material came naturally to me because it is framed around the things I believe in: inclusion, client as expert in their own life, non-confrontational, hope, resilience, strengths, self-discovery and choice.

instructor Prime For Life® Instructor

Every day I use Prime, I’m amazed at how well it’s designed and what it can accomplish with clients in such a short amount of time. The profound experience clients will have with Prime is what I have been looking for. The insight Prime brings to clients is one that I can feel proud of because I know it gives clients the necessary information they need to make choices and changes so as to live a fuller life.

instructor North Carolina Prime For Life® Instructor