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MI Materials

Write a Branching Script

An interesting research study (Villaume, Berger, & Barker, 2006) involved students writing a script for a branching computer program. The assignment required that the script be Motivational Interviewing (MI) consistent and reflect multiple pathways that a conversation might travel. The students, through the process of writing the script, learned MI. This exercise builds on that finding.

To do the exercise, read the instructions and then print and complete the Branching Script form.

Branching Script Instructions

Branching Script Form

MI Level I Handout

We designed MI Level I to introduce participants to the concepts and practice of MI. This handout is meant to be a supplement to this training, as well as to provide references and additional resources.

MI Level I Handout


These slides are for a presentation about how we innovate as MI trainers, and how the Cognitive Science of Learning may assist us.

Wait, what? Bill & Steve did what? Change as a trainer

Cognitive Science of Learning