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Overview of Research & Evaluation

Research Overview

Who We Are

Our Research & Evaluation Team is a diverse group of researchers with experience in qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation. The team is comprised of researchers and consultants who bring a collective multitude of years of research and evaluation expertise. Find out a little bit more about the women and men who work on our research team.

"We imagine a world where we fully understand and prevent substance abuse—and believe that sound research and evaluations are keys to achieving this vision. Encouraging and supporting the delivery of PRIME For Life and PRIME Solutions to end users, and evaluating the results contribute to our understanding of substance abuse prevention and treatment."
Ray Daugherty, Co-founder of PRIME For Life

What We Do

  • The team produces information in several ways:

  • Monitoring the research literature on substance use and best intervention practices
  • Conducting evaluations of our programs, and supporting others in doing the same
  • Conducting general research to contribute to the substance use literature

Who Is This Information For?

  • Providers wanting to stay up-to-date on new research on substance use and misuse
  • Anyone interested in knowing about the effectiveness of PRI programs
  • PRI program instructors, counselors, and trainers interested in best delivery practices for our programs
  • PRI program development team members so they can continually improve program content

The Research Team's Mission Statement

The research team’s mission is to monitor scientific findings about substance abuse, assist with the translation of these into interventions, and evaluate these interventions and their implementation.