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What Participants Are Saying

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People from all walks of life have their own unique path to making changes in their high-risk behaviors. The individuals profiled here have chosen to share their own inspiring stories after attending Prime For Life. Discover what makes them special…and maybe find some tips to help you along your journey.

"To: My Husband, Family, Instructor, and Fellow Classmates

After taking this DUI course, I feel both empowered and encouraged to make life long low risk decisions. And after reflecting on the many things that could have happened as a result of my driving while under the influence of alcohol, I am very remorseful for my neglagent [sic] actions. As a solution, I promise to never drive while under the influence of neither drugs or alcohol again, and will strive to remain in the Phase 1 level. I encourage you to take the same measure to ensure both the safety of you and others. Be blessed. Keep in touch."
From a PFL client
"I am at the moment incarcerated at XXX Youth Center where I am being taught the Prime For Life (PFL) class. I have only spent about 10 to 12 hours in the class so far but I have learned a tramindis [sic] amount of positive and needed knowledge for me in the future. I have learned that I have two biological risk factors and that I was only increasing my risk of becoming an alcoholic by my choices in the past.

With the Prime For Life class, I have decided to make more positive choices by not drinking until I am at least 21 years-old. Even then I plan on following the “0-1-2-3 step guideline” to keep me at low-risk of becoming an alcoholic. This Prime For Life program has helped me in more than just alcohol related problems. It has taught me that any illegal drugs are a high-risk substance. I really think that this program, (PFL) is a big help. Thank you for reading my letter."
From an underage PFL client
"Long story short- While on vacation visiting friends and family in my home town [in another state] I received a DWI. My family and I were enjoying conversation, food, and a few home brewed craft beer while catching up on life. Not thinking anything of it, after our festivities ended, we loaded up and started heading back to my parent's house to get some rest before our long 14-hour trek back home.

I got pulled over for speeding, and after a few questions, the officer asked if I had anything to drink. Without hesitation, I responded "yes" and began to tell him about our day. He asked me if I would step out. I perform the embarrassing field test, and blow a .02. I was thinking to myself what a waste of time. Boy, was I wrong- In [that state] there is a law stating you cannot have any presence of alcohol when a minor is traveling with you. After lawyer fees, court fees, travel cost...etc. I ended up over $25k out of pocket.

This being said- I had to go through counseling. Not only living out of state, additionally, I travel for work building commercial structures. Current project was in [still another state] and the only person I could find to help me was [xxxxx in that state]. Needless to say (I said this would be a long story short) [my Instructor] changed my outlook on life through Prime for Life."
From a PFL client