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  • PRIME For Life® Results in Positive Changes Among African Americans

PRIME For Life® Results in Positive Changes Among African Americans

A new technical report, Responses to PRIME For Life® (PFL) Among Blacks1, has just been posted on our website. Data from program evaluations conducted in 2011 in five states were combined to compare changes for Black2 and White PFL participants.

Results indicate that both Blacks and Whites perceived the program as helpful, and on many outcomes both groups experienced similar amounts of positive change. On fewer outcomes, racial differences occurred in either absolute scores or relative amounts of change, although there was no pattern suggesting greater program effectiveness for either group. Below are key results.

  • There were no significant differences between Black and White participants in motivation to follow low-risk guidelines for substance use. Both groups experienced increases in motivation from baseline to posttest.

  • Data regarding behavior in the 90 days prior to PFL and intentions for the 90 days after PFL indicate both Black and White participants intended to engage in lower-risk behaviors after PFL than they had before. However, patterns differed across outcomes such as driving under the influence.

  • Both Blacks and Whites showed improvements in risk perception, although differences were found in regard to how many drinks in a day are high risk and how many drinks will make them too impaired to drive.

  • Most Blacks and Whites rated PFL as helpful, and the groups did not differ from each other.


Overall, this study demonstrates that PFL appears to produce similar positive changes in Black and White individuals. However, further research is needed to examine differences in specific outcomes.

View the full technical report.

For more information on this study, please contact Blair Beadnell, Director of Research and Evaluation Services.

1Crisafulli, M. A., Stafford, P. A., Beadnell, B., & Rosengren, D. B. (2013). Responses to PRIME For Life® Among Blacks (Technical Report 6.1). Lexington, KY: Prevention Research Institute.

2On our questionnaires, participants could choose from a number of racial/ethnic categories including two relevant to this report: “African American, Black, or African” and “White, Caucasian, or European.” For simplicity, in this report we use the terms “Black” and “White.”