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Our State and System Partnerships

Our State and System Partners Make It Possible.

"Our universal experience with this program has been nothing short of amazing. All of the instructors, myself included, have observed a significant reduction in client resistance. It is stunning to report how clients are changing their vocabulary and their paradigm for understanding their experiences with drug and alcohol abuse."
Claude P. Scheiner, Jr., California DUI

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We are proud to recognize the extraordinary individuals and organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of others. Although each partnership enhances our communities in different ways, they all have the same goal of reducing problems related to alcohol and substance use.

Our state and system partners’ long-term commitments are important to successfully addressing key issues associated with high-risk drinking and drug choices. They share a common view—the way to reduce problems related to alcohol and substance use and improve lives is by:

  • Using motivational interventions that are research-based and demonstrate measurable effectiveness.
  • Training instructors and counselors, and providing support for the persuasive delivery of these programs.
  • Assisting people of all ages to recognize high-risk behaviors and make personal lifestyle choices that reduce their own risk over the long term.

With more than 30 years of experience in making change happen, we have developed approaches to enable organizations to effect change in their clients. We work in deep partnership with our state and system partners, viewing their successes as our own. Working together, we create better outcomes than either of us could alone.

Who Are Our Partners

"Kentucky’s decision to adopt Prime for Life® as the sole DUI educational curriculum resulted in significant cost savings to the Commonwealth. In addition to the cost savings during these tough economic times, Kentucky is proud to mandate a curriculum listed on SAMSHA’s National Registry of Evidence based practices."
Lee Etta Cummings, KY DUI Services State Coordinator

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Our Prime For Life® partners include:

  • States where Prime For life® is the sole mandated program for people convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and other drugs.
  • States where Prime For life® is one of the approved drug and alcohol prevention and intervention programs.
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • Judicial systems such as Departments of Corrections, adult court alcohol and drug programs, juvenile justice systems, underage DUI, court diversion.
  • DUI school owners and instructors.
  • Drug and alcohol treatment organizations.
  • Institutions of worship.
  • School student assistance programs.
  • Native American Tribal organizations.
  • College campuses and Greek organizations.
  • Swedish Prison and Probation Service.
  • Swedish military.

Who Would Benefit From The Partnership?

  • Universal, selective, and indicated prevention groups.
  • Impaired drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI, DWI) of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Youth ages 13 to 20 engaging in high-risk drinking or drug use, or who are in a group likely to begin making choices that increase risk for problems.
  • Middle and high school students who could use some preventative education.
  • Parents of children participating in court diversion or juvenile justice program.
  • Court-ordered adults and youth.
  • Employees
  • U.S. military personnel, policy violators, command referrals and self-referrals.

What Are the Benefits to Your Clients?

In a Prime For Life® classroom, clients:

  • Feel engaged and comfortable sharing their thoughts and self-reflections.
  • Learn to understand how the combination of influences and choices they make determine outcomes.
  • Learn a simple tool to make low-risk choices.
  • Take the time to absorb and process the information learned.
  • Self-assess to identify their trigger levels and phase of alcohol and drug use.
  • Identify the things they value in their lives and make their own decisions about when and how to protect those things.
  • Explore new beliefs and reflect on how these new beliefs may bring about positive changes in behaviors.

After participating in Prime For Life®, clients:

  • Have the tools they need to incorporate into their lives to help them make low-risk choices in their drinking and drug use.
  • Show a lower rate of relapse after completing PFL. See recidivism reports.
  • Show a shift in their behaviors and attitudes about their alcohol and drug use. See impaired driving evaluations.
  • Report they have greater perceptions that their drinking or drug use risked things they valued in their lives.
  • Report their intention to:
    • Make low-risk choices.
    • Drink or use drugs less, or completely abstain from drinking or drug use.

Become A Partner

Want to learn more about the benefits of adopting Prime For Life® or Prime Solutions® in your organization? Please email Ejna Mitchell or call 1-800-922-9489.